misfires can be deadly.

A young blonde must navigate treacherous power dynamics when she's pulled over late at night by an increasingly "friendly" cop.

This short comedy/thriller spotlights the stakes of social miscalculation and our alarming perception gaps between flirtation and threat.

Inspired by a true story.




Directed by     Hope Leigh

Written by     Hope Leigh & Katherine Blanford

Editor     David Marshall Silverman

Colorist     Jenn Lee

Director of Photography     Jason Carroll

Sound Mixer     Chris VanBrackle

1st AD     Mignon Baker

Key G & E     Melanie Newby


Elizabeth     Hope Leigh

Officer Dave   David Marshall Silverman

Special Thanks

Olive Lynch, Anthony Gray, Tim Glover, Joel Ruiz

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Principle photography July 21 & 23, 2017.